Airtable mass row update suggestion

Good day Everyone.
I am trying to update a table using ‘update row by number’ from spreadsheet component.
But it is skypping some rows.
I am no tied to this solution if someone can suggest a faster/better/(stronger :P) way to update a table with 1500 rows I am all ears .
Thanks in advance.

Yes you can update bulk number of records by using this extension

but due to the limitation of the api, you can only update up to 10 records at one time, even if you use this extension.

And you need to update so many records?

Thanks for your responses.
I have a table with 1500 rows and 7 columns.
I need a way to send the table form tinydb to airtable to upload it to the cloud.
I am open to suggestions.

so this is only once work?
maybe try to import data on airtable website, not from app inventor side.

Thank you @Kevinkun
Sadly is not :frowning: a once work I think a call with a wait could do the job) but I have been told is not a good practice to use wait instructions in kodular.

use a clock.timer to wait, not a while loop

I read Airtable forums and they said we are not supposed to use airtable as the back end our our aplicattion. I could migrate to fire base, but…I am uploading it to cloud via email instead. Thanks for your responses @Markhor and @Kevinkun .