All Ad Manager Ads Error - Code 3

Hello Koders, I have a problem with all Ad Manager’s Ads (Interstitial, Rewarded, Banner) with error CODE 3.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


What’s the problem?

Due to this $0.80 to $1 eCPM setting app request for Good Ads.

the video Ad inventory is not enabled yet and good Ads get good money, thats why code:3 error appears.

Because when app request for higher eCPM Ads then its will be 5 seconds Interstitial Video Ad but it will pop-up Code 3 error and no Fill.

So pray Kodular/Google soon enable video inventory.

Suggestion: let it be on Optimised or $0.50 for now.

Thank you so much. Setting to optimized fixed the issue partially. I still get some code 3.

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we can only hope soon Google/KOdular enable Video Interstitial Ads

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