Ad manager does not work

Once again I come to complain about the admanager, I hope that the silence of Kodular contributors is due to a lot of work to solve the Problems.
It was clear that the switch to admanager was a cluster of problems, this month I will no longer receive anything with ads.
But guys, has anyone migrated to google admob with extension and seen if it was worth it? Is it the same when I had the native component in kodular? Don’t you have glitches too? Need help.

My earnings with an app with 30,000 active users per day:

set ecpm to 0.8$. kodular still dont have video ads to show and open bidding is not working for now. dont know who and when it will be fixed

Use Free Admob extension. Do not wait. This issue has been there for more than year.

Admanager works fine video ads not available…

That is the only problum i noted…

System is working fine​:100:

There is a option of choosing ecpm floor but it will not work you will get Code 3 error only so it’s better to choose $0.80 ecpm floor it’s best :wink: