All images are not displayed in app

can anyone help me, many of the images i upload in makeroid assets like jpg, png etc are not responding and not showing in designer terminal or app itself.
please please please please help.

please please please please what is the size of your images.

i have tried all sizes
like 1587X2245 and smaller than that.
when i edit same image in canva then some of them are showing and other are not showing.

Show some of the images that don’t work.

if you want i can give you those images over mail, please send me your mail id and insert it in any screen. i will be thankful to you boss.

This is much to big for a phone screen. But please show the images here.

this works

this dosesnot work

The last image works for me without any problem. What browser do you use and what android version?

i am using google chrome
and makeroid min sdk 4.1 -4.1.2 API16

Your images are to big? What is the resolution of your computer screen? If i put you image in the designer in a canvas and drag the canvas then this happens on my screen.

When i dont drag it looks like this.

Start with making your images smaller.

thank you sir
when i reloaded my browser it is working now
can i get your mail id

You could send a pm. But if it is Makeroid related you should ask in the forum. I don’t usually answer pms that are Makeroid related. So please ask all your questions in the forum.

thanks peter