All reasons for unsupported more than 820 devices on Play store

Today I was publishing my app bundle on the play store and I found that more than 820 devices are not supported to install the release of my App bundle.

As I have tried to find the reasons why I then found these codes which I don’t know what should I do with them to solve the issue.


Here are some Reasons

Please is there anyone who could help me to know what I could do with these codes to solve the issue?
Code: 21 and onwards
Code: android.hardware.location.gps

Or should I simply add them on the Permissions blocks(21)

I have been thinking probable I can add those to permission but I stack to do that because I didn’t think if this is the right way to ask permission with this 21 and onwards so that is why I am asking what should I do with the codes.

Thank you in advance

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Not every phone has gps etc so those phones won’t support your app. Older phones will have lower APIs so if you need 21+ then the ones that can’t have that will not support your app either.