How to sloved when app install app is not installed in my user device but my device is installed this app , please help me



When user try install this app then show this warning message how to solve it please help me

My app api leave is 24 SDK , version code is :-3
And version name is:-5.8

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You may got some idea by reading this Article That for what this error is coming And Even a Solution for that



Your use May have Android Verion Less than 7.0 As You had set API Level 24 . The App Will Only run on devices with android version 7.0 and Above.


Parsing the package error
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I have the same probleme

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It’s illogical, yesterday I downloaded my app and it was installed correctly, today it’s not possible to install



How to solve it and used any android mobile

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Just change your Min. API level to atleast Android 5.0 that is API 22 ( OR more less as per your requirement )


Api level 22 play store not support this api level

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Then you may change you uses who have the Android version above 6.0 or 7.0 whatever you will set

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Min API level and target API are two completely different things.

Min API from which version
Target API to which version



If I am using api level 26 then what is version code and name

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Try to disable Google Play Protect on your Android device or ask your friends to do it themselves on their device if you share your app by email, etc.


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Parse Error is one of the most common errors on Android phones and it is also the oldest error in the Android operating system. Android has tremendous application accumulation. Some Android mistakes and applications ruin all states of mind and Parse error is one of them.

There are also some errors which are similar to this error like DF A8’h Default Error or error 498. So today we will discuss one of the most common and oldest error in Android phone.

You can solve this with some simple methods.
REad this:- How to Fix ‘Parse Error’ | “There was a problem parsing the Package”

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Hi sir if i want my app to be compatible to all i will choose this image and if only oreo and pie version i will choose this image am i correct sir?


Correct. That’s how it works.

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Thank Sir @Mika