I can´t install my app

Describe your issue

Since the update to 1.1.3 I can not install the app in which I am working, in my phone but the app works correctly in the companion, tested screen by screen.

Actual Behaviour

Not install the app
Does anyone understand what happens or know of an error?

Android version



Thanks to a friend in a group of whatsapp told me that sometimes applications that we have installed on our phone prevent them from being installed on our device. I have tested in my apk on another phone exactly the same model as mine and installed normally.
I have uninstalled Google play Protect on my device and I am not allowed to install it either. I will continue looking for the cause.
Inform if they find the solution.
Thank you

I have managed to install the application I am working on. I have uninstalled several apps and allowed the installation.

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