Getting a new warning whille releasing app on google play store

Getting this new warning when i try to release on google play store :-1:

Users that have the APK with version code 7 may need to accept the new permissions android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, which may result in them not upgrading to this version of the app.

New changes that i made -
google ads banner and interstitial

Any Solution ?

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But in my app I was not asking for any location permission. It’s a simple airtable data app

But ads need location

As @Alaqmar_Bohori said ads need location to give personalized ads it wouldn’t make sense if we show an English person a hindi ad…

So what’s the solution to get rid from this warning ? Even I tried to add Ask permission for locations when screen initialize. But still getting that warning

It’s just a warning, informing you that new permissions have been added.
You can go ahead and send out the update.
Many times that permission isn’t asked to the users. (So was the case with my app)

That will for sure show a permission…

Yeahh I proceed further, but it also shows that around 1500 mobile phone, 50 tablets, all Chromebooks will unsupported if u proceed further

Thats your call to take!

So there is no solution for the warning to take them down ?

It’s just a warning, the Play Console id bringing to your notice the permissions that have been added.
It is not an error, and will not stop your app from being updated.

But it warms me also that some device will not support also Users that have the APK with version code 7

Yes, some devices will not support only version 7 of your app. (Perhaps due to the new permission and/or the ad SDK)

For this, you cannot do anything…

So I just go through the warning, okay

Yes. Keeping in mind that some devices won’t be any more compatible.

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