App is rejected on playstore due to location permission

My app is rejected by playstore which is made for kids under 12.

 You must remove the request for location permissions from your app if your target audience only includes children under the age of 13

Above message shown in play console and my app is rejected. What to do ? In my app there is no need of location permission. So how to remove it ? please tell.

What components or extensions are you using? If you are using ads then location could be used by that component i guess.

Please call permission first. It will work fine. If you don’t know how to call dangerous permission then ask HOW?

I want to use google ad manager but I didn’t get its Ads id. because my app is not uploaded to playstore. but I used kodular ad component without Ads id.

Pleas help .
I used google ad manager now still I got message of remove the request for location permission from your app. What should I do next