Alternate Storage Megaforbussness

An Alternative storage with 70GB storage as compare to cloudnary . Is any have made any extension or any solution to add and delete videos file from (Mega for business) storage.

Plz check this link for more details

Plz provide me the solution if any

You can use Mega Extension

In cloudinary, we can upload videos and images and no other files. Well, if you want an online storage just for that, I would recommend you to read this:

Hope it will help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I know that, but want to use MEGA for so plz provide me any extension or any solution how should I uploaded and downloaded image from MEGA

but this megaforbusiness website doesn’t work in some countries
like in India it doesn’t work

it works in India. if u have any artifacts then show it.
Can any show how to uploaded images at mega