Amazon API keys

hi everyone, what’s up?

I’m doing an app for showing people Amazon’s best deals. Everything is working fine for now but i have two questions:

  • is it this app against any rule?
  • Does anyone ever tried to do a similar app? Im having trouble finding and using Amazon’s API, if someone can point me the right direction.

I need the app to get what it’s Amazon’s Deals page and get values from there.

Hope you can help.

You may need to embed in to a webviewer component or contact Amazon about that.

Thank you for your answer!

Actually I need to get the link and the image from a certain page from Amazon and put them into a ListViewer with image. The link will be modified before be put on the ListViewer.
That’s why I can’t use WebViewer component.

Still have troubles.

You have to manually copy the image link of each and every item and paste it in your database (by right click on image)

I was sure there must have been a way to do it automatically.

As I can reach a value using website’s API from the web, i can’t think of not doing the same with Amazon.

Thank you for your answers.

Read this blog post:

You can use this package to save all the data to your database with just one click and then you can show all those data your users. It’s that easy. :wink:


I’m not very familiar with Python, but i’ll give it a try.

Read it carefully. Hope you will understand. In case, you face any problem with Python syntax, kindly PM me. :slight_smile:

I’m not just quite sure how to implement python into kodular to be honest.
But i’m sure i’ll get the answer reading through the docs (hopefully).

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No need to implement python into Kodular.
See the image below:

Use Selectorlib. Can you see the download button beside Upload Data button? You can download the data or you can copy the JSON data after scrapping it from amazon.


I’ll try and let you know!
thank you very much.

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That is possible, But those images will be stored in your app. Sellers may update the original images and the images in your app will not be accurate.

Yes I know, it’s static process.
Hence regular update has to be made.