Multiple Image processing app

hello everyone :wave:

I am here today to present my new app
that has the name of Mr Image
This app is created by me using kodular


Mr Image do 4 types of processing for any image

1) (OCR) the app has the ability to extract any text from the image that contains text

2) (BG remove) the app provided by method to remove BG of image especially if the image contains a human person

3)(B.W Image colorize) the app can colorize any black-white image with high quality and within 4 sec

4) (image cartoonizer) the app can convert any real image to a cartoon image


*** The app has a simple Cool UI design.
*** The app is fast.
*** The app has high-quality images processing.


Apk file:

APK file

thank you very much


You should take out the “We aren’t the best” bit as it immediately gives a negative impression of your app. Users will figure out for themselves if it is the best or not.

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Ok thank you very much
I will change it

app not working

Improve your ui design check on Dribble

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Please tell us, how you make this app. This will help us to do something new in the future.

In my app, I utilize a web viewer component to access any background remover website. The app then establishes a connection between the web viewer and JavaScript (JS) code to track the progress of the image’s background removal process. Once the process is complete, the app retrieves the download URL for the removed background. This method resembles using an API, but it is free and requires a deeper understanding of JavaScript coding due to its complexity.

and this process is illegal action cause this app look like to Snooping on the site


Thank you for your help.

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