An exact copy of a working AIA and app (apk), builds a non working APK


:smiley::+1::+1: I had the same happening a couple of weeks ago.
Glad it worked.

The problem seems to happen when you make a “SAVE AS” of your app.

Well, if it is considered a mistake they should report it on GitHub

This was a strange one, haven’t hade this kind of issues

Btw, If you experience this at any time please post a demo.aia of it

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Have you tried this too?

That’s what happened to me and I found this solution which worked perfectly:
And @pavi2410 knows about it. May be there wasn’t time to fix it yet.

But this should not happen anymore as long as you don’t have a old aia file from makeroid time

In my case it happened the Koduloid game, which I started recently. And I never made an app when it was named Makeroid. I made a copy of it and when I tried installing the copy, the installation went OK but I couldn’t find the app anywhere, except in the Apps Settings.
I downloaded the aia, made this change from @7StarMedia and re uploaded it. After that the apk installed perfectly.

I would like to replicate this behavior but so far no luck

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I’ll try doing what I did.

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It is awful but again the same error is risen. My working aia and apk can be saved as a checkpoint, but the result of the copy will produce a non visible app. Checking manifest.xml the line < category android:name=“android.intent.category.LAUNCHER” /> is missing.
But I just copied a working file without any changes in Kodular.
What to do Boban because of this erroneous behavior?

Since @Italo experiences this with a new project however, I have to ask is it old or new

What to check, download you aia, open it with 7-zip or equivalent program

Check that you have only kodular folder, if you have ex. makeroid then move all files from it to kodular and delete makeroid folder

Go to \youngandroidproject\ folder and open, check that it contains io.kodular as in the folder structure above, if not change it

As I mentioned the big post

I made this Kodular app from scratch in Kodular.
Checked the apk and there is no makeroid folder at all.

Check aia file

No sign of makeroid in aia


Sorry I’m clueless

It seems that decompiling apk, adding < category android:name=“android.intent.category.LAUNCHER”/ > and (App2market) compiling it, is the only solution for now. A lot of extra steps, but if there is no other solution, it is.
I wholeheartedly hope, it is the only project that will show this behaviour.

Thanks Italo :green_heart:

The only way of making backups I use is downloading the aia and adding the reversed date to it (for better sorting), like MyAwesomeApp_20200110.aia.
Checkpoint and Save As are too buggy at this time.

This option worked for me. My project uploaded in another account (Boban thanks) and exported. The exported aia loaded in my account and the built apk is perfectly oke, including visibility in the launcher. :+1:t2:

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