An internal error has occurred. Report a bug? bloks error

please Solved this

It seems you are trying to change the color. Still the bug is not fixed. Here is some alternate to bypass this error

blocks is not open

When exactly this error occurs ?

when i click on the blocks i don’t get the blocks open but this error comes every time and it is coming from today itself

I see you are on free plan. Do you use more than 5 extensions? Assets size? Ads ? Please provide more infos

NSDL.aia (1.3 MB)
this is my aia file

please check

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You have (less than) 5 extensions, no ad components, and your total assets size is (less than) 5 MB, so it is OK. My assumption is that you have too many blocks on the screen that the error occured. According to my calculations, you have 6000 blocks on the PlayGame screen.


Also, there are too many components in that screen as well.

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so you tell me how it will be ok

I tried to delete all of the blocks in that screen. Now it is successfully loaded, but half of your progress is gone. I’m sorry. That’s all I can help.

NSDL.aia (817.1 KB)

please removed only this

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You have to learn how to reuse block by not repeating yourself, components etc

Try this one… NSDL.aia (889.8 KB)

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Since your blocks are identical it can be further tuned, e.g. you can cut off 1000 blocks with the below procedure


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