Play Game Screen blocks is not open An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?

please solved this

Just reload. The problem will be solved

same issue

Rename your project to something else as NEW is java reserved word and there of the error.

i am changing Project Name but Same issue Screen Play Game Blocks is not open
this aia file please check

Try this one
nNEW11.aia (1.3 MB)

same problem

It’s building just fine att my end however, I might add that your app is very, very slow in kodular.

Now it is working properly but the play game blocks are not opening in the screen in the project file.

Yes I can see that as well

Please fix it please!

I unchived your project at, went to the PlayGame screen, and clicked on Blocks. Unchive lags, probably has crashed.

However, before this, I checked that the total amount of blocks you have in the project is more than 20,000. Having thousands of blocks in a single screen, especially more than 5000, might crash your app (and Kodular).

so now how do i fix it

I guess the only option is to remove some blocks.

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I took Boban’s AIA and removed around 1/3 of the blocks in the PlayGame screen. The Blocks editor on my side is opening for that screen, but it’s extremely laggy.

fixed.aia (1.2 MB)

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Or rather, a large amount of blocks :rofl:

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