Animated Lists (Advanced)

Hi gyz i have created a professional animated list like in most android studio app.
Created under Jugard series 3.

Extension Used

Dynamic Components extension By @yusufcihan
Phase animation exrtension By @Shreyash
LeoProfileView Extension by @DeveloperLeo

designer Part

it has following components and extensions

Blocks Part

blocks (15)
blocks (16)
blocks (17)

blocks (19)
blocks (20)
blocks (21)
blocks (22)
blocks (23)
blocks (18)



AnimatedList.apk (5.2 MB)
AnimatedList (1).aia (317.4 KB)


Thanks to @Kodular for this great platform
Thanks to @yusufcihan, @DeveloperLeo and @Shreyash for their amazing extenions

Helpful material

Smart Dynamic List by @Zia_Choudhary
Cicular dynamic Image list @Zia_Choudhary
5 Different ListViews @Maayur


*this list has an advantage that it also lower the chances of app crash because it creates list components one by one.
*Animated lists can be made more professional using one of my other guides Smart Dynamic List mixed with this .
U can animate components on scroll change that will look owsm


What if I have a list and run the procedure in loop, then it will not work.


Upload a preview too

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No it will work but then u can’t control list speed it becomes almost automatic
Moreover this method is safe too because it allows u to load items one by one saving your app from being crash

I have uploaded see

And therefore all the components animate at same time. I know it because I have tried to do it several times but not got success.

And therefore I requested for the component created event, maybe it will help.

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Then even this component cannot help because loop runs at a faster speed and we cannot show items animation in a slow motion
Its speed will be affected…because for animation u will set about 400 to 1000 milliseconds for one item but during this whole list will have been created

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Please post blocks clearly they are blury

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Guide is updated


Finally :heart_eyes:. You created an amazing and useful guide :ok_hand:(Thanks Kaky) Punjabi :grin:

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, :joy::joy: u wlcm… (baba g) :sweat_smile:


You can set an arrangement to invisible first, and animate them once the component is created.

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Ok, I will try it.

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Thank you so much

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U r welcome… :slight_smile:

Something like this can be achieved:




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@Techno_Vedang Thanku​:slight_smile: