ANY component query

I know it is a very stupid question but when I click on any comoment , nothing happens whereas when I click math or any thing in blocks section I get a list of blocks

I didn’t understand your query completely but from what I understood you need to click on the plus sign besides any component so you’ll get a list


And since you are new, you should explore kodular, components, blocks, and community to get help

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You can see a little plus sign on the left side, click that and you will see all “any component” blocks.
Edit @Soham_Shah has said that and I didn’t see it. My mistake :sweat:


Do you get any award when you say the same thing already said before???@WatermelonIce

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What do you mean? And who said it before?
Oops, i missed that, i thought you said you don’t understand him.

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OK no problem

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Oh, I am so stupid I didn’t realise that

No problem, I also used to ask doubts like this when I was new to the community

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