How to use Any Component?

How to Use #Any_Component in Kodular.
Your Document section is blank.
Please tell me! how can I learn About Any Component?
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Google is your friend


This Is Tutorial for checkbox. I want to learn more about button, label, Arrangement etc.

Adapt the tutorials to your needs. You are a student so study. :wink: And if you would have looked at the one from @Hossein, you would have seen that it is about buttons.


see also

How to work with the advanced features

A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features



Exactly. @razubd250 Tutorials are just to show you concepts and to show approaches and will get you started


Please give your tutorial links.

In PIXII BOMB youtube channel you will find examples of using any component.

@Peter has shared link above in his post

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Can you give a link to the video?

Here is an example. But there is others in the same Chanel
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Best tutorial for Any Components.
Any Component uses Kodular, appybuilder in hindi by A2Z HINDI TRICK

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