Any suggestion about this ? Send reply sms to receiving number

I made an app in which i send an sms to company then they send me back an sms that i show with notifier in my app. Till here every thing is fine.
The problem is now if user chose to confirm sms then one sms reply should be send to same number from which number i receive sms that is not working .
Plz tell me how to get number and send reply to it…
Sorry for bad english and thanks in advance for help…

You doing this wrong. Do this instead

Set REPLY_NUMBER to number

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Sorry i am beginner do you means instead of set text string to reply number i should set empty number block there.?

The event gives you a number value which you need to save it to the REPLY_NUMBER variable.

I tried it before but it comes like this with error…

No you have to do that inside the event

Like this

initialize global REPLY_NUMBER to " "

When Texting1. Message Received
number message
do .
   set REPLY_NUMBER to number


Would you like to create an app that use SMS to verify or notication?
This would need a cloud platform or API

@makeroid would you try to create a component to do this with an API ?

@pavi2410 I do the same plz check blocks but sms not sent and i also try with tiny db but reslut is same…
Plz check and suggest… thanks !
Is there problem with notification blocks ?

Then do like this

When Texting1. Message Received
number message
do set REPLY_NUMBER to number
   Notifier. Custom Dialog

@pavi2410 thanks man it works now fine…

vaiii jan iss jagpar koi sim1 or sim2 selection ka koi option karna ja saktahai kiya

how to select sim1 or sim2 by this system have any option?