Texting send and receive

Hi All

I have this…


Im able to send the sms - No Problem

I receive the SMS fine

I reply with 1234 from the number as given

but when the phone receives the reply SMS, nothing happens???



What am I doing wrong???

First check that receive block is triggered or not
Use a notifier and show alert with message :-"Message Received "

blocks - 2021-08-25T171441.569

actually, I have since removed the permissions as they are not required but it still doesnt want to work!

but Im testing on the same phone. meaning the app in which I type the number is on the same device that is receiving the SMS so I’m not sure if thats the problem or not

I don’t have two phones

@Avraham_Yerachmielbenzvi you can share your screen ais i will check this

sent by message.Thanks

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