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Hello Koders,

I am Arpon from Bangladesh. I am developing applications in Kodular since a year and sgbuilder newly, really enjoying to working AI platforms.

I MOSTLY focus in utility apps, few of them are running perfectly in the international market but currently I have developed an utility app for my own country Bangladesh. I want to add APP IN PURCHASE inside the app which will unlock a special feature inside the app but the Problem is
90% users do not have master card to pay for the app, 5% have master but cannot used for AIP.

For day to day transaction, People use Bkash over here. What is bkash ( Bkash is like paytm wallet) but to get an merchant account you need atleast $300)

I was thinking to create one of my own website by which user will be able to to pay, for example user need advance feature… To get this he need to pay 60 cash… And when user press on buy it will connect with my website and he/she will be able to pay.

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Any help regarding this :roll_eyes:

U may use PayPal custom button link if there is any problem with BKash. It’s easy and accepts globally transactionable cards.

Still, I don’t think Google Pay is banned in your country and most probably Google Pay accepts max typ of credit and debit cards. Now in app billing feature uses google pay as far as I know. Kodular has In-App-Purchase component. It should not be a problem.

If still problem persists u may use popular payment extensions made by many developer like PayTm, PayPal etc. (I don’t know what’s exactly globally acceptable payment system in your country).

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Thank you for replying.

Paypal ( A very few amount of users use Paypal over here)

Paytm ( Paytm is an Indian Payment gateway not Bangladesh)

Bkash ( Bangladesh Payment gateway but very expernsive if i implement that directly)

What i was saying i can take 20 Rs ( I am saying in your currency for easy understand) from user thrrough bkash and upload add the amount in my own developed wallet website.

When user wanna buy, he connects my API and check with the site if balance available it will cut and pay them…

How about this?

I understood…but u gave a very difficult situation. Either you have to accept expensive but popular payment system or you have to choose less expensive but less popular payment system. Choice is yours.

But what I was telling was about generic In-App-Purchase component of Kodular which probably uses Google Pay and it accepts probably max type of cards.

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You are correct. Although its expensive, Its popular and well know and maybe effective in long run.

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Any help you need from my side…?

Sure, if you can, How can you help?

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Tell me which payment system you want…?

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I can help you are creating
Payment Checker
That will check payment was successful or unsuccessful
It can be used in any e wallet

Did you solve the problem? Bkash accepting api request now.

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Is there any extension to add bkash payment in Kodular app?

Not right now.

Requesting the community to start working to develop the Extension for Bangladeshi Mobile Payment (bkash, Roket, etc.) option. It’ll be really helpful for the app developer community. A greater scope will be open.

You can post in #marketplace category if any extension Developer is interested then thay may create a extension for it.

I need help documents about the Gpay implementation in Kodular…

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