Apk file download

i wanted to download apk file of my app and it said problem
downloading file pls tell what i can do

Try This -
First Delete the Older Version of App from your Device.
Then install New .apk

but i am in pc
and was doing it for pc

PC dont run .apk Directly.
You Need an Emulator for That.

Sorry if i Misunderstood Your Comment.

in export when u click on qr code or save apk to my comp then it was saying
problem baking file

Ok, thats not a Big issue.

There’s a Error Log will you Please Share that.

or if that is Empty keep Retrying it will Compile after few Retries.

can u pls write it seperatly so that i can do it solution

is tough to me so i test in phone times

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thank you so much

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hi today i am facing issues in opening apk files in chrome pls tell what is this problem always

it always get downloaded when i open

pls help me urgent
but i want without using emulator

I think your problem is not understood. If you want to run your app on a pc you need an android emulator or some software for it.

what it could bee? :thinking: :thinking:

i downloaded memu play it didnt work

Memu emulator is ok, but you need a medium pc resource.
I can run menu in my pc with intel i3 ddr3 16GB mother asus without video card.
There are low resource pc emulators like BlueStacks

EDIT: I think it is not the same pc I have 16GB ram !!!
this program needs a lot of ram memory. Try installing old versions (not the latest)

mine pc
core i3
7th generation
pls give an emulator according to this
it shoudnt hang pls
tell accurate else my computer die

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Just be patient.