Apk fine at Companion but the built apk doesn't run

At Companion its all working ok. But when I build the apk, it installs fine but the option “Open” is grayed.
Seems like a service apk, and is not present at the launcher.BRB20-20181108.aia (557.8 KB)

I tested it at some devices, and all of them present the same problem.
Others aia are working fine.

Seems related to this issue.

If you can’t wait for the solution from the team, see workaround for it some posts further down.


I go back to another project, which went ok.

When you “SAVE THE PROJECT AS …”, the same problem happens!

So I changed the its name. This one that I sent it here. And reimported to Kodular e …

So, I think we have a PROBLEM in the “Save project as …” option in the Kodular FILE menu!

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