App always crash when startup

Hi guys…
I’m started using kodular just a week a go. But never ever export to apk.

So yesterday i tried to export to apk, and installed it but app just crashed out. This doesn’t happen in companion.
This is my aia: JadwalKajian7F.aia (611.0 KB)

Please help… thanks…

I’ve tested your app and it works fine, it doesn’t crash at any time

Please provide more info
The crash may be of
1 mistake on your code
2 problem of your phone
3 reasons not listed above…

So in order to get accurate solution for your problem you better share screenshot of your blocks
your phone information ( android version, model…)

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I’ve upload the aia in my post because some block are long, so it’s kinda hard to screenshot it.
i’m using Samsung A50 not rooted, latest update.
I’ve tried installed it in my wife phone (Samsung A5), it doesn’t crash but very laggy.

I have the same phone as you and it works normally, can you describe when it is blocked?

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Check your image size pixels and resize them as needed


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Your launcher icon (app icon) has 512x512 px, max is 192x192 px.
512x512 px is the Play Store icon.

see also here: App installation error

And also check the size of the other images, as Boban said.

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I just tried it out and change all images sizes . But it still happen, until i acidently push the send crash report (because i didn’t see it all this time so i haven’t push it, the button in white color and in white text) then i try to uninstall companion and the crash message is gone. And then i try to install all the apk’s i’ve exported before and there’s no crash dialog anymore with those apk’s too.

I don’t clearly understand what happened…
But i’m very grateful, thank you very much… Mr & Ms bodymindpower Boban Domi DjJohn07

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see also tip1 and 2 here


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Btw, your app has 3 screens, but only 2 seems to be used, so remove the “Home” screen. It’s a duplicate of Screen1.



Thanks very much @Taifun and @bodymindpower… Your suggestions implemented. Now it’s working fine…