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my app was approved by kodular later i imported the project and request for approval and it shows blocked forever. i think its unfair i need to use other ad networks . If this happens i think o more interest making apps with kodular.

We’re sorry to hear your app was not approved. Could you give us more information on your app so that we can check if it was blocked by mistake?


you approved my app but due to some error i deleted it and imported again but this time you rejected . i think ad approval for admob ads is ok , but why for other ad networks

We at Kodular would like to see our users make quality apps which deliver high eCPM rates and generate organic impressions. I am certain that all ad networks share the same sentiment. However, some apps made with Kodular spam users with ads and exploit ad network policies. It is to prevent this that we require all monetised apps to be approved by Kodular before they can show ads.

Hope this helps!

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but you approve same app , now you reject is it fair

We constantly recheck several apps that have already been approved so that we can uphold the quality of apps made with Kodular. It is not uncommon for an app to be initially approved and then rejected/blocked due to changes in the content of the AIA.

i imported same aia and requested for approval with any changes .

Unfortunately, we cannot approve apps that monetise third-party content, which in your case, is movies made by external production houses. We will gladly approve your app if you can present signed documents which state that the movie production houses have permitted you to display their content in your app.

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then how can you approve apps that use third party links without there signed documents like live tv , youtube videos , websites …so on … sorry but i think kodular has many useful features but for developers its useless without ads … good bye kodular

Why not just upload your app on Google play, your ads will then appear and you do not need Kodular to approve your app :grin:


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Thanks for advice but I’m not using admob ads ,

This applies to all ads