App can't compile

Hello, i’m trying to export my application to apk or .aab but i’m facing this issue.

Χωρίς τίτλο

I can run the app in companion without a problem, also i have not install or remove any extension.
I can also save the project without a problem.

Do a search in the community for could note save one or more files

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Problem was on a large text string on list. You can merge or delete my post if you want @Boban

What’s the character limit?

This block works perfectly:

Thank you for your fast response!

store large texts as csv file or text file in your assets and load it on first run of your app

there is no exact limit, but you were over the limit…

no, because this can help others with the same issue in future


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How to load multiple CSV?

I have 96 lists with more than 30k characters length.

In this case I would store the data in a sqlite database and import it on first run of the app

My sqlite extension is able to import a database


Isn’t the build in SQLite component capable to do this?

As far as I know there does not exist an Import method


Is there any other way without an extension? I have custom ROM in my phone so it will be hard to debug my app. (the application is offline)

Why is a custom rom a reason, that the app is hard to debug? Does the sqlite component work for you on your device? Then also the extension should work…

When i have the sqlite component it crashes when i load the companion. When i remove it there is no problem. I had this problem for a long time.
On emulator works without a problem. It’s my rom’s related problem i think.

On first run of the app load the files one by one asynchronously and store the information as lists in TinyDB
For an example of asynchronous processing see this example App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps


I made an implementation with CSV (in my case 4 CSV).

I’ll try to be as clear as possible, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is one of my CSVs (for example ID CSV)


Lists are divided by some special characters (for identification purposes). I’m my case i chose “$$”.

I start with the following blocks in screen initialize:



Then this loop happens in order to load all my CSVs into lists:

I’m saving all files in lists according my needs (ID, Images, Titles, Answers).

Then I’m splitting the main lists (for example ID) into sublists with the following blocks:


In all of my ID's lists

I know is not a good solution but:

  • My CSV data is static (doesn’t charge or need update).
  • App loads without hanging or any lag, so users can’t notice it.
  • The most important! The app can compile to .apk & .aab.

Any suggestion for improvement with the above solution is welcomed.

You might want to look into working with lists of lists… there actually is no need to split up your data into sublists …


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