App crash after update kodular 1.5.5

After update kodular 1.5.5 crash when i reopen the app. I do clear all data of the app it properly working but when i reopen it again app crash again. Please help me how to fix it.

Do you use file component ?

@dora_paz i used extension like, component to image extension, custom download extension, are they include in the file component

If you wish post your aia so someone can check it

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@dora_paz Is it possible to go back to old kodular 1.5.4?

Simple anwser, No

I can’t share aia but i used these all extension. please give me some hints. which extension may causes the app crash when reopen. if i clear all data app work properly but when i reopen app crash.

Use logcat to find what causes the crash

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when i click this app crash. Help me to fix this problem.