App crashing after new update

before new update my apps was working fine but today in test its working fine but when i build apk while using when i close any screen to come back to my previous screen my app crash and i get error that app has stopped and crash after that? any suggestion or idea? its while stopped when i close any screen and come back to previous screen

Yes. you should provide informations about your problem before ask a question like that…

i think i provided details that my app is crashing after new update of kodular , before it was fine but today crashing, what kind of details you are asking?

blocks, apk.

where ever i am using “close screen” block its crashing my apps , only in build apk, test mode is ok

Looks like a bug which we already fixed for next bug fix release

ok thank you but if not fixed then fix it must because i have used close screen in my all apps and now i am just waiting for it to fix.

Please follow the bug tracker topic to view progress on your issue.

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