App doesn't work after exporting it

l need help , the app doesn’t work after exporting it like this video below

Post a screenshot of your when Screen1.initialize block.

But it has many blocks .

The blocks under


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@dora_paz @Aditya_Nanda
This is my blocks

@_Ahmed why have you taken so many gradient blocks ?? i am literally 100 % confused with your blocks can you please tell what function is done in short word so we can better understand your logic what you want to apply Thanks

I use gradient blocks to make round borders for chosen layouts and creat mixed colours too

ok more can you tell about other components as well

The immersive block used for creat transparent title bar and navigation bar
The svg image block to make a svg backgrounds for layouts from SVG code
*and other block * is just a firebase blocks to import data from data base

Maybe delay the initialization using a clock?

How to do it?
  • Add a Clock.
  • Timer enabled to about 500 ms
  • In Clock1.timer event, set clock1.timer enabled to false.
  • Then add all your screen initialization blocks.
  • Add the Clock1.timer

Try disabling Svg component 1 time as it is an extension and this same extension is also causing error many times when i used it

Does it work fine in the companion ?

Yes it works well .

I’ll try to do this .

ok try and tell the result

Is that immersive an extension plz give the link also try removing it. try exporting the apk again and check then… Also give the screenshot of the result obtained.