App opens directly to app info screen

So I did a lot of work tonight on the radio app. Everything is working perfectly. I tested it several times with the apk. However now when I install the apk and try to open it, it goes directly to the Android app info screen and nothing else. I have 0 errors in compile & in blocks. When I’m using companion it works just fine.

Here is the apk too … G1013FM.apk (7.0 MB)

I think it could be a memory problem. Do you use large assets? Did you uninstall the latest version before installing this one?

The only assests I have is just graphics. Nothing very large. Largest one I have is under 2 mb. Yes I uninstalled the previous install after I had the issue. Normally when I install the app I get an option for OPEN, but now it’s unavailable

That is really big and could be the problem. Why do you need such a large image?

After installation, open option disabled

That graphic is the main screen background. It’s a signiture graphic for the station. It’s never been an issue before. The APK file size is only 7mb. Installed size is 19mb.

Did you ever change package name of your app?

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I did. I changed it today

That is the problem
Export your app aia.

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i think after changing package name u need to uninstall old app and install new one just a suggestion
uninstall all radio apps,restart ur mobile reinstall new app

For this :point_up: just take the backup(export aia to your PC)
Then Re-upload the aia(with a different name if required) and then try compile this project

How big is it in pixels? And if it works on your phone won’t mean it works on another. See point 2 in the topic below.

I suggest to export 2 aia files 1 for backup.

After this open it through 7-zip and go to folder youngandroidproject in there project properties and enter the latest package name there save everything and import it with some other name in kodular…

You can also use winrar for the same…
Try this it would surely work…

It works. I exported the project, renamed the project “g1013fm_broken” then imported it back. Made the apk and installed, BING it runs. What made you think of that? I never would have guessed. Thank you all immensely.

I have started to refrain from building many screens on this radio app. I use a lot of bottom sheets and notifications now. G1013FM (4).apk (7.0 MB)

I value & appreciate the info, & assistance you give

I had the same issue earlier.

Thank you very much. If I had to rebuild this app I would very,very unhappy.