App published on playstore store but still ads not showing

Hello everyone,
I have apeal for ads approval from last 2 days and there ia no response from kodular what so ever about it. My app is published on playstore please help.

Your app does not require approval if it is in Google Play.

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as @asimjib93 said your app in play store and don’t need any approval from kodular, and if some one ask for approval from kodular it may take up to week to get approved because there is lot of apps in waiting list and you have to wait .

I got it that i doesn’t need approval then why my ads are not showing.

Hi @frogprince196 , you have to generate sufficient (genuine) traffic in your app, only then Google will show their ads in your app.

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Maybe it’s such an awful app or one that has so few installs that Admob, or whichever service you are using, feels it would be a waste of time showing them in your app.

To try and get ads to show:

  1. Make sure your app has quality and depth. In other words it’s an app that does something useful and the ads are incidental.

  2. Make sure the app has broad appeal. The more people that use it the better.

  3. Make sure people use your app for at least a few minutes at a time. I’ve seen apps that you use to check out one thing and it takes 10 seconds to do it. These apps shouldn’t have ads in them.

I’m sure there are many other things you can do and perhaps fellow members can advise you further.