App recognized as browser - I´d like to avoid that

Hi, hope you guys can give me your opinion on this matter. I have searched the forum and see nothing related, however, I find this question in many AndroidStudio forums, programming… and things not related to Kodular.

I have an app done in Kodular published on GooglePlay running great. Android seems to see it as a browser (because it basically is) so when my app is installed, android offers users to open links with “my app”

I have had some users “complaining” about that, I know it is in their hands to change that, or ask for another browser app to be used.

My question is: Is there any way to avoid android or prevent seeing or offering my app as a broswer?

I am using customWebView and a WebViewer as some of the components.

My app basically reads qr codes and show results on it´s own browser.

Thank you very much, :space_invader:

If you are using latest version (v10.1) of extension then you can avoid that by not using CustomWebViewHelper extension.
But why are you using CustomWebView and WebViewer both.

Hi Sunny, thank you so much for your answer. I was using version 9, and just updated to the latest. Thanks for the tip. I am not sure where the CustomWebViewHelper is being used or, to be honest, what it is. (I see when I install CustomWebViewer, intalled both)

Why I was using CustomWebView and Webviewer, I really have no idea :frowning: I started using CustomWebViewer as I needed to use deeplinks such as Whatsapp link and Maps, and In my desperation I started trying anything I could, and someone suggested CustomWebViewer, wich I think worked wonderful… Still don´t really know how or why I did end using it.

My job was in jeopardy and this plugin made me meet the deadline I needed, so you can´t belive how gratefoul I am .

I have uploaded the new version as suggested, I will recheck and reupload the update to google store, and see how it goes :slight_smile:

One whay or another, than you so muchfofryour answer! Best regards my friend


It is a helper extension which specifies whether your app should be added to browser list.
It will be imported along with the main extension but it will only add your app to browser list when you drag and drop it your screen.