App screen is refreshing automatically again and again

I am facing an error in my application

error is - When i am testing my app in kodular companion it is working properly but when i am installing .apk file and running it app’s screen refreshing automatically again and again.

APK File :-

UrjaKendra.apk (8.2 MB)

Go to designer part
Check clock component
Untick both the options(timer enabled, timer always fires) and compile into apk and try again

I have already untick these options timer enabled and timer always fires its not working

When clock timer did you set clock enabled to false ?

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I hope you have added clock to timer in screen init inorder to check whether user connected via network or not. And you forget to put clock timer to false. If possible share us your screen init block as well as when clock timer event blocks

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Thanks a lot both of you, My app is now working correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

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…and problem was …?

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