Application is refreshing again and again!

Error Facing :-
When I am running the application in “kodular companion” it’s working Good. But, when I installed the .apk file the second screen is refreshing again and again and because of this unable to go further in the app.

Video of the Error :-
Error Screen Recording|video

Screenshot of my blocks :-

Key Points :-
Total Screens in the App :- 8
Clock timer is used in every screen - “Timer Always Fires - Disabled”
Firebase Database used blocks are same in every screen

Solutions I tried :-

  1. Not using the “Clock” component.
  2. Not using the “Notifier” component.

Point noticed:-

  1. The screen always refreshes when it get’s the data from firebase.
  2. Application running smooth in “Kodular Companion” but not when installed in the device.
  3. I tried to run the application in 4 different devices but, facing the same issue.

APK File :-
Fantasy11_Team.apk (6.6 MB)

Please help me with this I am getting mad because of this. I am at the final stage of making my application.

Please help me and if anything else you guys required please let me know.

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first check clock components properly…i think u forget to disable clock timer somewhere…
2nd… All screens may opened/active behind…close Older screen screen when u open new screen…


hey boss! when screen initialise u have used progress dialog…After Firebase got value plz dismiss progress bar by calling (" have patience … Loading)

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Thank you for your suggestion but, I tried by removing the full component of notifier and blocks but, still the problem is same.

I saw that you show progress dialog.

There is a little problem the this dialog cannot be dismissed in a short amount of time.


  1. Temporarily disable the OnDisconnect and OnConnect blocks
  2. Change the massive if blocks to if...else last else
  3. put the clock1.timer enabled -> true block at the end of the else part

Set the clock to at least 50ms

If anything not working, may you send a test aia that can reproduce your bugs?

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