App size problems after AABs become mandatory from Aug 2021

Most of my apps have a size of 60-95 MB (APK). I add the large files (mostly audio files) after decompiling.

From → August 2021 the AAB format must be used for new apps, for updates from → November 2021. Google has increased the size from 100 MB (for APK) to 150 MB for AAB . However, as far as I know, AABs cannot be decompiled.

We already discussed this topic months ago in the AI2 forum:

Does anyone have any ideas / solution on this pressing issue, especially from the Kodular team: @pavi2410, @Diego and / or @Vishwas?


Hmm, the solution I can give right now is to use some kind of web service, and fetch assets from Internet.
It is something I would like to work on though. I’ll see if after this update we can provide APK/AAB build without size limit.


Probably will be good but, may affect build server load, :sweat_smile:

Not really, because iirc right now all apps are built, and after built if they exceed the max size, they get rejected. So, actually, it won’t change too much.


But, as far as I think, large apps take large build time, and if all compile large apps at same time, So…

Correct me if I am wrong here :sweat_smile:

@bodymindpower I found something here,


No, in this case, size does not affect build time. Because what takes compilation time is compiling all the code in the app. Assets take size, and as assets are not compiled and just copied, it won’t take more time.
Actually, it will take more time to build an app with 100 screens and 0 assets than an app with 1 screen and 100 assets.


Thanks for correcting me :blush:

I’ve already tried unsuccessfully.

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That would be great!

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Google’s upper limit is adjusted to 150 MB for AABs (before: 100MB for APKs).

Does it work for you?

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I didn’t tried, but, Will try now for sure and tell you the result :blush:

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According to this, you can keep uploading APKs for existing apps indefinitely.


Are you referring to this line?

Possible conclusion:
So if I still plan any apps for the future, I should publish them with the APKs as internal test tracks before Aug 2021 so that I don’t have to use AABs later (even for updates).

It would be nice if you knew beforehand what ideas will come to you later … :wink:


This problem with building a big app → AAB & Signing is now resolved.
See this guide.

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