App Suspended From Google Play

My app suspended from google play. Any one know the solution?

What is your app about? Can you share some more info regarding your app?

Fantasy team predictions app. Provides match details and teams for Dream11…

I was shared a news about postponent of IPL due to Covid 19. It was fetched from airtable database. Is it will cause to rejection?

Exactly this is the reason. But this is said very clear in the mail. :thinking:

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Then what about news app. They are sharing news about covid 19 daily…

They are sharing news and you are predicting news.

No. I have included sports news in my app. Not predicting news…

But the mail tells that you are predicting life death tolls of covid-19.
If no then you should write mail to google in response.

Ok. I will email them

If Your app contains reference about COVID-19 or corona it will definitely suspended.

Same thing happened with me.

Remove news, article, words related to corona and send an appeal.

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I have submitted same details with different package name and removed news …Is there any issue?