Application for installing apps

I recently developed an app install app
Why need it?
After you compile your app with a builder you will need to install it, the most effective and fast method is to install the app through the barcode you have received, the problem is that it is not convenient to install apps through a standard barcode scanner that will probably open the download link through the browser.
Through my app all you have to do is scan the barcode and click the install button!

I hope my app can help you!

Here’s an app link: appsInstalling.apk (5 .9 מ״ב)
aia: appsInstalling.aia (51 .9 ק״ב)

In preparing the reflection, use the following extensions:
KIO4 Install and KIO4 Gradient


sounds great!
but will you also provide the aia file?
without that, this guide seems to be incomplete…


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I will add the aia of the project :+1:

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thank you!
probably it also would make sense to post a screenshot of the relevant blocks?

did you test in several Android versions?
as we know, the KIO4 Install extension by @juananton1991 does not work in Android 10, see also


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I will post a photo of the blocks tomorrow (currently my country night), I tested the application on Android 9

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Because the extension might not work for Android 10, using activity starter can be a good option.


I don’t think so, because the extension already uses the Activity starter.