Application more than 20 Mb... help me make a decision please

Hi !
I am building an educational application to learn to read.
There are about 100 lessons with lots of labels, sounds, pictures in each lesson.
I have finished the 50 first lessons, but i see i am 17 Mb now and if i want to do this perfect and not reduice my lessons i will pass 20 Mb, maybe more than 30 Mb. there are more than 1500 assets !!!

I learnt this week how to make an external storage on the drive and load it with permission. But i don’t like this issue because i know that they can’t denie the permission or they won’t learn without sounds. All the assets are very important.

It is has to work out connection. It has to be use in a class where they don’t have web connection.

It was so nice when apptomarket was working…

maybe i can cut my app in two parts ?? it can be an issue

If you have any idea, if you think one is better than an other, it can help me to choose how to do

thank you very much

what is the issue with loading extra files from internet on first use, download assets to any folder and use them from that folder?

they have to accept the access to the storage or they won’t have the audios or pictures… and lots of people are wary and refuse the access…


Thank you Boban
I used apptomarket a lot of times 2-3 years ago. It works very well. But then it didn’t work any more i don’t know why

When i recompile nothing happen (just searching mouse)

It is the best solution for me please help me :slight_smile:


ok it works , thannnnnk you so much !! better day of the month thanks to you and all kodular community :slight_smile:

:pleading_face:still a problem with google play store :

You have to export the keystore beforehand and import it into A2M.

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