Application Not Showing

After publication Application not showing on PlayStore

Elaborate please.

It can take Google several days to review it before they publish it.

my application Approved & google published my application but when i go to Playstore for checking Application visibly Application not showing on PlayStore only loading bar appear

already reviewed but not visible on PlayStore :thinking:

When app is live in store, it should show an PUBLISHED sign beside app name.

Although, if it was an initial release, it may take a few moments to show your app in store.

Share the link to the app in playstore, so we can see it for ourselves. You’ll get it from “View on Google play” option (select your app, and the only option in 3 dots at top right corner) in your Play Console app!!Screenshot_20200928-012324~2

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application publication Approved & published on PlayStore buy 10hours spended it’s not showing on PlayStore store Check screen shot below

Try searching on Play Store

not appearing :pleading_face:

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By developer name??

it’s showing this

i rolled out beta version

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This can be helpful :point_down:

Try searching like the link :point_up_2:


let me try thank you

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it’s showing this

Yeah not working…

Can try this If working​:sweat_smile:

already do it but now working for me

can i try Internal app sharing?

For what??:thinking:

Well maybe you can see a video regarding it…
Maybe you have done any mistake…