Unpublished App On PlayStore

Hi Friends,

Today’s is see which app i unpublished from play store they again show on play store or google. What is the issue why they show again after unpublished from play console. Basically i was unpublished around 7 apps.

That is something Google must be asked for, probably they unlist the apps after some days or the app is just listed for your mobile, try from some other devices too

Its showing on your panel but it is unlisted from play store check this is all apps from your developer id

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I think they show me that app because i one time installed that app. As exciting user that’s why they show me that app

You will have to uninstall that app from your mobile, then it will not show in your playstore account.

I’m not using my own app because for invalid activity

Really ? :joy:

The app rating bar is not visible in the play store without installing the app, but is visible in the screenshot you have shared.:nerd_face:

You can still see your own app in search results, but it is invisible for other users, so don’t worry about it.

it’s not true

it’s true :point_up_2: