My apps on playstore than also it is asking for monetization approval

I am also facing some issue with my app I have uploaded all of my apps on playstore than also it is asking for monetization approval all of my apps are showing this notification inspite of having uploaded on playstore

Playstore link-

I downloaded it, but nothing happens.

I presume it’s downloaded from PlayStore and installed and not installed from Kodular build apk…

The app is downloaded from playstore only because one of my app user has told me about this problem and he has onlhy sent me this screenshot

Didn’t you say that all your apps was doing this…

I have just checked in my phone all apps are working fine in my phone, but the user which has told me about this thing is facing same issue with my other apps, now it can be offtopic but the same user is also unable too install my another app its gets downloaded on installing it gives this error

app link-

he is having Motorola one power and this device is included in the supported device link, and the all the steps playstore recommends to solve this problem he has tried, but if I sent him the apk built from kodular it gets install without having any issue

this is not your application problem, this is a google play service problem. reset the google play service on system app setting then warning dialog will go away

Yes he has cleared all the data of play services and cleared the cache of phone also

How do you know it was downloaded from the playstore? I googled your app and it can be installed from multiple places such as here.

I have not distributed my app on such 3rd party website I have only published my app on playstore, These website automtically fech the app detail because as soon as I publish my app on playstore it automatically gets updated on apkpure

Oh, I see.

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if anyone downloads the app from play store, then this popup should not be visible
but if anyone shares the apk (via any apk share apps) or downloads the app from a 3rd party website then will this popup be visible?
If yes then what’s the point of uploading the app on play store to get auto approval?

Well, normally more than 99% of the downloads are from playstore

and what about that 1% ?
why not make it perfect, why always leave that 1%

Yes I know very well about this, but he is using my app more than a month this thing happened only yesterday, when he opened the app after sometime the dialogue got disappered

Your app show ads without monetization upload on playstore