My App Not approved for monitization

Hello my app is not approved for monetization and i applied 2 or 3 times but not approved. i published my app on google play . pls can any one help me pls…

link to put startapp ads…news app

App link:

If your app is on playstore then there is no need of Approval also before creating new post search in community

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Not understand … can you pls clear …

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If your app is install direct from play store then you don’t need to get approval from kodular but if your app install from galaxy store, slide me, apkpure etc… Then your ads will not show simple it better to get approval from kodular.

Kodular should automatically allow those app which are on play store because if Google agreed with our app then kodular should have automatically allow it. But why ? Didn’t allow it . Their should be a option where we can add our app thought play store link to get approval

if we dont uplaod on any play store and only share through facebook then…

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