Application with more than 15,000 blocks

Hello everyone, it turns out that I have an application that creates in Kodular but it has more than 15,000 blocks and kodular won’t let me export it. Can someone help me with this process?
I attach the .aia file in case someone can help me.
diccionario.aia (1.2 MB)

All you have to do is compresse the blocks using procedure.

Welcome to community. Compiles fine

Hello Dora, it will be that you can generate the apk and the aab file for me. Well, seeing your image, it seems that it is my computer that does not allow it.

It took a while to compile so try again

I’m still trying but my computer won’t let me

This is how you should have done it…

From this

To this

diccionario_1.aia (611.1 KB)


What a change over!!!
23k was reduced to just 71…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


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How did you this drastic reduction of the number of blocks?

Thank you very much, can you explain to me how you did it? Thank you so much

i got 24k blocks in my app and i can complies without any problem

I would also like to know

Guys just take a look at the aia file provided, the original one has bunch of hard coded list and now look at my file above, al that hard coded list are now in 2 csv file instead…

Btw @Daniel_Sanchez length of these lists are not equal each other

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