Arabic TextToSpeach

I need to use Text to speach in arabic !
Can you help me please ?texttospeach

Thank you . . .

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And the problem is ? Cause it should work fine with this blocks

Does not work !
Can you help ?
It works fine in English and frensh , but arabic no!
Did i miss somthing?

Same blocks works for me. Since I do not speak the language I believe it is Arabic



It is for sure ! it seems like As salam alikum :thinking:

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Yes peace be upon you, I believe :slight_smile:

a doubt in your blocks there are underscope and in @tamyez_ali_salih there is no underscope @tamyez_ali_salih are you using any extension?

Most probably blocks are from MIT App Inventor caused he asked same question there

i dont think the blocks colour are of kodular only I imported a project from MIT App Inventor and see first component is from MIT , second from Kodular



by this can you also test the component of app inventor works?? with the urdu one maybe it has problems?

For me it works on companion on both sites, tested on android 9 , xiaomi MI A1

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W O W . . . .
Indeed it’s Arabic
And yes Peace Upon You
Thank you so much
I Can’t wait to try it

But did you change any thing in the properties ?Thanks

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No I did not change anything in designer’s properties, only blocks.


Sorry … Didn’t work !
I Did Exactly the same thing , Didn’t work . . .
I’m so sad … I need it so much !

Maybe, it doesn’t work because of my phone , But I does work in English language !Problem2

I do not know what might cause the problem, maybe check settings and see if Text to speach uses Google text to speach or another engine

Text_to_speach.aia (2.2 KB)

Good morning
Can you please check mine if it does work on your device, because yours does speak English and Greek But does not speak Arabic on my device !
Despert.aia (2.0 KB)

Thank you for helping me , I appreciate it

For me it works. Check your phone settings. Mine’s default language is English, check again if Text to speach uses Google text to speach or another engine in your phone

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Just a simple question. Are you sure that you have installed the arabic language on your phone ?

Edit: just saw the video . dora_paz gave you aready the perfect hint.


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