Are Gambling apps allowed?

Hi there, I wanted to make a gambling app (with real money) and I wanted to know if that’s allowed.
The user can make money, but also lose so it isn’t really an earning app.

Thanks in advance for answering!

Google Don’t Allows This.


Even if it was allowed, how do you prove to the users that your app is not rigged and all the plays are truly random?


It is not allowed in play store
I found these point on internet and I am not responsible for any of your actions

  1. There is no law in India on Online Gambling
  2. Betting in skill based games may be allowed by the law
  3. You may need to host the server in a place where gambling is allowed/legal
  4. You may need to stop service in some states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana

See how the gambling apps are staying on safe side.
Do a proper research before taking any actions.


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