Are u facing lockdown in your city?

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Your poll is not setup properly…

Little bit.

Yes I Am Facing It. My City Satara, Mahatashtra, India

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Done,when I saw it was not looking like this, but now it’s ok.


In which country do you live ?
Strange is that mostly all countries have announced lockdown

I leave in India. Obviously
I mean lockdown is there, but there not fully.

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What do you really mean with this? That we can’t go outside with more than two persons or that the city is completely blockaded?


For us, it’s just that we can’t go in shops without masks, that’s it. most stufff is revived…

Ilive in Germany

Okay ! But in my city
Me :

What about those who are in unlock phase 1?
Or whose city has lockdown with concession?

BTW, everything is becoming normal in my district Kushinagar.


In Hong Kong, all schools except Kindergarten reopened. And offices have continued working about 2-3 months ago
We can’t have more than 8 people together outside, especially dining out.
Mask is not a must but I can say 99% of people in HK do have a mask worn.


All opened and jobs strarted.Lucknow, UP

But why users have flagged your topic?


May be his topic is like salt on wound


Really :roll_eyes: i don’t think so


In my country (Argentina) lockdown since 20 march
Some works are excepted and can go to work

That’s y i said may be…

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Everything is like before

In my dream

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