Artificial intelligence tools

Greetings, everyone
Does anyone know how to add tools of artificial intelligence such as the image recognition tool and other tools

What have you tried yourself or researched for information?

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I know not a little knowledge about artificial intelligence, and I studied a small part of it in Python, and I know that it needs to write code
I searched on the site to find out what Kodular had reached in this part, and I did not find anything, but I found one video on YouTube. But when I got up to your question and did another search, I found another video
I know I have to search, but my question was to find out if there are ready-made blocks of artificial intelligence tools that have been completed and added to kodular or not yet started in that

Here you can find extensions related to AI

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Yes you can you artificial intelligence in kodular using MIT personal image classifier extension you can train your own image classifier model on web and import in kodular app and can use offline

Azure custom vision api will help you to build artificial intelligence app try it

So this is the time to study how to work with API :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes its very easy or download personal image classifier extension from MIT extensions page

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I have visited this site more than once but I have not discovered that it contains extensions that use artificial intelligence
Thanks for the tip
And thanks for the support

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I understand from this that there are many extensions that depend on artificial intelligence

Are you sure you searched properly in the link provided by @Peter?


As shown :point_up: this is literally on the 4th number under the title Further Extensions on other pages. Do you meant something other than this?

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Yes, I found what I was looking for in the link that was sent to me @Peter

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