ASK: PHP Session Login dan Logout

Hello I’m from Indonesia
I just started learning kodular for 3 days.
and I started by learning to sign up, login and logout using tinydb.
The question is can we make Session login after logout?
Like there is a text session in the username and password and checkbox checked?

Like this if was log out:


This AIA file
Perfect.aia (8.5 KB)
This APK file
Perfect.apk (5.3 MB)

Thanks a lot for Kodular Community, to be part of my journey :slight_smile:

Once user login successful store the username and password in a separate tinydb…

After logout , or when screen 1 initi just call the username tinydb tag value and password if it have value, show them in the text box and if not redirects the user to sign up page/arrangement


But i still confuse to place call tinydb get value.
Can u give how blocks must be to place

Search in comunnity …few seconds :

Perfect(1).aia (9.5 KB)

check this, i think it is working for me… If user logs out, user name will pop up username text and if he opted save password, pwd text box to will show pwd. if not it will be empty… next time while he try to sign up via another uname, then previous value will be overwritten … check up…

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That’s so cool :wink:
It turns out that there are quite a lot of additional blocks, for beginners, it’s quite difficult for me to find a tutorial that matches this solution.Great job, until you want to give direct a file and learn at the same time.
BIG HUGE and Thank you very much Mr @Still-learning

link cant be access
thank you :wink:

Just make a little effort.

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