Login multi user with mysql

Hai everyone, im beginner user and now trying work with kodular, i have a question about login multi user and showing data as per user login, i have created a session using a php and mysql, how can i solved this in kodular? Please help to solved my problem, and if you don’t hesitate maybe please share the kodular blok, thank you

Please tell what have you done so far. Also you can find many threads about PHP and MySQL in the :kodular: community. Also you can refer to PuraVidaApps by Taifun

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I’ve created a multilevel login such as superadmin, admin and user and redirect to the page based on their level, all the login was successfull, but when i’ve more than one user, one and others can see all the table content from user table, like profile, personal data and etc, thats why i would like to create a session, to make a limits, so after they’re login, they only see their profile, personal data.