Mysql and kodular login system

Hello Dear All,

I want to create a login and registiriation system which can be able to connection to my web site. If the user signed up by my web site, they can also sign in from my app.If the users signed up from my app they can also sign in from my web site. I tried somethings like in below but i could not success what is my fault can you help me ?

Why do you post and get same time? Do you want to send postbor get request?

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It is my website login page. My main purpose connect my website login page with kodular app by using kodular design.

I understand that. Do you want send a post request or a get request to your server?

Both. Post request for signup, get request for database control. for example if someone is trying to sign up and username is taken so he/she can not signed up or if they write wrong information they can not sign in because of the database control.

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With the get request you only calling the admin php with no variable in the url?
response code == 200 not response content. remove the the web get for now and put the response content into a label or a notifier to see whyat response you are getting.
And for the post use “build request data” block.

the url that you have in global url is also responds with 404 page not found.


now it is working.

What do you mean build request data block ?

never mind. I just saw its working

What is really going on? Error message ? Password and email are correct but you can’t login?

You checked in your PHP script: the values ​​of the password and user variables? Did you check the response content?


I have solved the problem as you said it is important to php-script should be true regulated.So,
It is working now but it is not too easy. I think all mysql guides are only trash in youtube or kodular.

Every website can be different. Depends on which system do you use in your web site. And everything related with your php script and database. After you choose true php script kodular side is easy.

To use PHP and Kodular, the ideal is to study PHP and SQL, in addition to knowing how to create a database in the right way. Each PHP script performs a task according to its system. It can be an insert, delete, update or select. It can return 1 or several lines. You can return 1 or several fields. It can be a simple select or in N tables.


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